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dune Buggy Macao Doble

Lagarto Buggy

Experience the thrill of riding a Lagarto Buggy while exploring cacao, coffee, and tobacco farms. Visit the pristine Macao Beach and a crystal-clear cenote for a refreshing dip.

Predator Doble Fun Run Buggies 1

Predator Buggy

Hop on a Predator Buggy for an adventurous ride through rugged trails. Discover the secrets of local farms and enjoy a scenic visit to Macao Beach and a hidden cenote.

Four Wheeler Punta Cana

ATV 4x4

Embark on a 4x4 ATV adventure through lush landscapes. Learn about traditional crafts and take a break at Macao Beach and a stunning cenote.

Horseback Riding Punta cana Fun Run Buggies

Horseback Riding

Enjoy a serene horseback ride along beautiful trails. Explore local agriculture and unwind at Macao Beach and a sparkling cenote.

About Our Company

At Fun Run Buggies, we are passionate about adventure and exploration. Our tours offer a unique blend of thrill and cultural immersion, taking you through the beautiful landscapes and rich heritage of the Dominican Republic. Whether it’s racing through rugged trails or relaxing on pristine beaches, our goal is to create unforgettable experiences for our guests

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Experience the thrill and excitement that Fun Run Buggies has to offer. Contact us now to book your adventure!
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